terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2015

Have a marguerita for me. Say hi to everyone.

- Anna is flying from Chicago, Paula confirmed too. I made a reservation at this new awsome Mexican place in Brooklyn. I told everyone you are coming. Cause you are coming, right?

I was really excited, she yawned.

-Yes. Probably. I mean, If everything is ok with him. Say hi to uncle Lisa, Nate!, - she said with this awkward  fake baby voice. The kid started crying the second Angela spelled his name. 
-Hello, small creature - i tried.
-He woke up more than 17 times this night. I mean, i stopped counting at 17 but it was probably 22 ou 23 times. Do you think it’s normal?
-I don’t know, you should google it. By the way, they have margueritas there! They are your favourites, right?

I could hear her turning the TV on. Now Mickey Mouse was singing out loud between us.

-I think they were, yeah. But I’m still breastfeeding.
-Jesus, It’s friday night, and here we are, talking about breastfeeding. Can you turn this down?
-This music, i can barely hear you.
-Oh, sorry, it’s the only thing that calms him down. 
-It is, right? - i doubted.

Now Minnie happily joined the song, and Nate decided to cry louder in revenge.

-So tell me more about this new place you guys are going tonight! 
-So you are not coming. 
-I didn’t say that. Did i?
-It’s one day in the year, Angela. 
-Of course you don’t understand.
-Ok, I got it.  I’ll call you as soon as i have a baby so we can share some information about poop and diapers. How does that sound? Good bye.
-Hey Lisa…? Wait. 

She changed her mind, i thought for a second. But then Donald Duck started his very own inspired solo on background.

-Have a marguerita for me. Say hi to everyone.

More crying. This baby was definetely not a Disney fan.

-Yeah, you too. Say hi to Nate.

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